Population Of Leicester 2019

Leicester isn’t only one of the biggest urban cities in England; it is additionally one of the oldest. The city dates to the first century B.C. what’s more, now owes its fame to a few components. Leicester is situated on two primary rail lines going through the core of the nation and has had some ongoing acclaim from winning the 2016 Premier League.

population of Leicester 2019

It is trusted that the Romans landed in the Leicester territory around AD 47, amid their triumph of south Britain. Leicester also boasts of several attractions for its locals and tourists with places that make you feel like you are straight inside a storybook.


To find out the population of Leicester in 2019, the population for the last 5 years needs to be checked. They are as follows.

  1. 2014 –365,500
  2. 2015 –374,400
  3. 2016 – 383,300
  4. 2017 – 390,200
  5. 2018 – 397,991

The population of Leicester in 2019 can be found out after calculating the population numbers from the last 5 years as mentioned above. Is it seen that the population in the past 5 years has increased by 32,491. Also, each year the population increases by 6498.2 as per average. Hence, the population of Leicester in 2019 is expected to be 397,991 + 6498.2 = 404,489.2. Therefore, the population of Leicester in 2019 as per estimates is 404,489.2.

Leicester Population 2019 –404,489.2 (estimated).


The ethnic groups in the city are in huge numbers. The Whites are the biggest ethnic group with 50 percent of the aggregate population. There are different gatherings of white individuals in the city, depending upon their root; there are 45 percent British whites, 0.9 percent Irish and 4.5 percent white individuals from different countries. Other ethnic groups incorporate Blacks 6%, Asians 37% and others of 2%.

In contrast to the religious exercises of different places on the planet, the religion numbers are not much diverse. Christians have a dominant population of 32.4 percent, Muslims 19 percent and Hindus are 15 percent of the population in the city.


The population density of Leicester is 4500 people per square kilometer. Glancing back at the information of the population in the city over the most recent seven years, it very well may be seen that the population growth rate of Leicester is solid and reliable. The growth rate ranges from 2.38 percent to about 3 percent.


  1. Did you realize that the English dialect we utilize today really started in the city of Leicester?

It’s felt that in the wake of warring Anglo Saxons and Vikings made peace, the two communities began sharing their languages and formed present-day Standard English. If not for this, we would presumably still utilize an Anglo-Saxon style language more like German.

  1. Today, the River Soar resembles some other stream – however that wasn’t generally the situation. The waterway was once known for its irregular pink color, because of waste from Leicester’s material production lines running into it. It was re-established to its common state by the Environmental Agency after the end of the material businesses along the stream.

  2. Outside of India, Leicester holds the world’s greatest festival of the Hindu Festival of Lights, Diwali.

  3. Prior to the Battle of Bosworth in the year 1485, King Richard III remained in the Blue Boar Inn in Leicester. After he was murdered in the battle, he was taken back to the city, however, throughout the years; his burial place was somehow lost.

  4. Leicester Market is the greatest open air, a covered market in the entire of Europe.

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